Sunday, June 10, 2012

One White Dress - 2 Headpieces

Hi Ladies
We had splendid weather this weekend
Warm and sunny!
We love our warm weather

It has been a busy weekend -
It started on Friday with Leo's grooming
He has the lion cut - I managed to take a couple of pics -  it is  not easy to photograph a cat

Followed by supper at our favorite restaurant Le Cabotin located in my neighborhood -


This white dress, must be vintage, what year? no idea!  i had for a while - I showed it to you ladies some time ago as my thrift finds of the month  -

Some of guys taught it was a nightie - It could be mistaken for a nightie, but the fabric is too tick for a nightie

It is  a dress -


I looked at it for a long time - i said to myself, does it fit?-  sometimes i do not try what i buy especially  if it is only a couple of $ - I figure if it does not fit i will find someone to give it to or i will give it back to goodwill

The headpiece cost more than the dress - It was purchased in one of my favorite shop downtown
Mia Mix - It was on sale -
The clothes are Asian designs- So you are bound to find something different-

Here' s Leo the Lion Cat!



What do you think? - We stayed with him all through the shaving -
He was very good, did not bit, hisssss or scratch - probably because our presence made him secure
He is so soft now - he is so cute as well -


This headpiece was purchased Friday at Winners -
Winners is a discount store
This headpiece will be worn as well at Izzy's wedding next month -
It is made of feathers, lace and silk flowers -


Izzy 's wedding is in 27 days! - Next weekend i will order the bridal bouquet and the bridal party flowers -
Daisies bracelets for the Ladies and daisies buttonholes for the Gents!

I will also order the bridal cake - Sorry i was suppose to show you a sketch but it was not a good enough sketch to show you -
Lets say it will be a combination of cupcakes and a cake - Should be extraordinaire !
I trust my pastry genius!

I will joining Visible Monday - Monday Mingle - Inspiration Monday


I hope you enjoyed this post

I will be back soon

Je vous fais la bise

Ariane xxxx


Terri said...

I can tell from the details that this is a dress and NOT a nightie. I especially like how you've styled it with the silver accents. Is the wedding making you a nervous wreck?

Heather said...

Oh how fun enjoy your wedding planning...the headpiece is so pretty and I love the dress the inset parts on it are very cute. Looks like a Mexican Dress to me ~And what a cute little Lion you have :) Have a great week ahead xx Heather

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Beautiful, Ariane...I love the style and the headdress...

Reva said...

i love this dress and the feather hat is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!

LifeStyle Journal by Kate Frenkel said...

Adore these headpieces!!! Unfortunately, I'm not so daring to wear such arty accessories outside home...
I personaly prefer the second headpiece. However, the both of them look very harmoniously on you. Excellent addition to you beautiful vintage looks!!!!
Have a nice day!

Joni James said...

The haircut on your cat is so darling! I've never seen a cat groomed that way and I would do that too if I had a cat.
Love the hair piece in the last photos. It's brilliant!

Mary Lou said...

a dream in white! really a beautiful dress, i love the sleeves and lace details!! and wow this second blue headpiece is the most fabulous i´ve seen!

modniza said...

amazing headpieces! lovely dress! xooo

The Dainty Dolls House said...

You look radiant, love that dress :)) It's so gorgeous and the hat goes so well with it!! Precious cat :)) x

Franca said...

Aw look at Leo, he looks mental, like a proper lion! I'm glad he was good and didn't mind too much.

yay for the upcoming wedding, I bet the cake will look fantastic!

grunge-queen said...

Definitely not a nightie - the dress is gorg, Ariane, it fits you perfectly ... and I like the saucy pink belt and both head pieces! Not sure if it's vintage but it reminds me of my sister's prom dress in the 1980s - a compliment!

just me said...

cute. love the hair flower :)

Mrs. D said...

Lovely headpieces, I'd love to be able to wear those too!
Is the cat happy now that most of his hair is gone? I think they look really cute like this but sometimes they don't look too happy on photos :)

Sara xx

Nora said...

Incredible how a belt can change everything. From bold to romantic, as if you have two dresses. The deaddresses are beautiful too and suit you.



Megan said...

Great dress and I love both of your headpieces. The little top hat is wonderful!

Cute kitty! =)

The Jones said...

ADORE this dress with the silver belt and blue headpiece, you just wear the 20s style headdresses better than anyone I know! Your little tophat headpiece is cute too...but the 20s flavour of the feather one is def top notch :)

<3 Cambria

Krista said...

Beautiful dress and I love that blue feather piece that you will wear at the Wedding. The lion cut cracks me up! There is a cat in our neighborhood with one, Peetee is terrified of her :)

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style said...

Yes, this is most definitely a dress, imho, and very pretty. I adore the two different headpieces!

Beth Kondrick said...

Such a pretty dress and I love your little hat too!

Love your kitty! He is so cute and definitely lion like with his haircut!

Vix said...

I love Leo, isn't he cold with his poor fur cropped like that? Bless him!
Who cares if that's a nightie or a dress, it's gorgeous and I love your fascinator, too! xxx

Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said...

love the headpieces!
xo Megan

Penny Dreadful Vintage said...

That is a beautiful dress, it looks amazing on you. Leo is a proper little cutie :)

Penny Dreadful Vintage

pastcaring said...

The dress is gorgeous, and both sets of accessories are beautiful. I think the silver belt/blue headpiece version is my favourite, but it's a close call.
Did Leo have something wrong with his fur/skin? I have to say I like my animals as nature intended them, with the full coat of fur!
Not long till Izzy's big day - can't wait for the wedding photos! xxxxx

Kezzie said...

Hello! I don't think I've 'met'you before! Tis lovely to pop over from IM Monday! Your dress is gorgeous, so pretty (I'd totally wear it as a dress- much too full of material for a nightie!). Your headdresses are also fab and I love your lion cat!

Jean at www.drossintogold.com said...

What a pretty dress! What could have been a little too sweet looks just right on you and the way you put it together. I've never seen a shorn cat! Very cute.

Good luck with all the wedding excitement!

Forest City Fashionista said...

Leo looks very "King of the Jungle" with his new haircut! That is such a pretty dress, and the blue feathered headpiece is just gorgeous on you--you will be the most fabulously fashionable mother of the bride.

The Style Crone said...

Both headpieces are beautiful! The blue feathers, lace and flowers will be perfect for Izzy's wedding. It will be a busy 27 days for you. The thrifted dress is lovely too.

Melanie said...

I like that last combo with the silver and those strappy shoes. They bring out the sweetness of the white, so elegant. Then again, the first combo is fun. I guess it's up to your mood. Your cat looks like a lion and sooo soft.

I'm excited about Izzy's wedding. I can feel the build-up in your posts. Your blue headpiece is gorgeous and I look forward to seeing how the day unfolds!

The Grande Dame said...

Ooh I don't know if I can choose a favourite headpiece - they're both so pretty!
I am SO GLAD to see someone else gives their cat a haircut like that. Mine gets a lion clip (complete with tail puff) twice a year or she gets knots. But I get in trouble with certain friends for embarrassing her!


I love, love, love the white dress, and the way you make it so different with the hats, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
You are soooooooo brilliant.
You want to be in Pinterest now Ariane.
You are in my bloggers love.

Tamera Beardsley said...

Love your head piece! The wedding count down is in full swing...so looking forward to seeing each delightful piece...

Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments regarding life's transitions! Your blog is truly an inspiration...thank you!

Sandra B. said...

Lovely outfit darling :X Beautfiul blog!
Would you like to follow each other? kisses


akiko hiramatsu said...

White and pink are my favorite color block !!
Leo is so cool !!!


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Those headpieces are amazing!