Monday, July 21, 2014

How Do You Like Your Whites?

Hi Ladies!
Today I'm joining Sacramento Share in Style
The theme is Whites this time around
I don't wear white very often
Even my wedding dress will not be white
But I had a some few fun items to join Misses P's link up!
This how I see Whites!
Bird cage I picked up some years ago plus some of my grand-dad's china
My white laundry
a5 a7
Mr. D's art collection
a8 a9
Love the shoes!
a6 a10
I was wearing -
Retail shirt on sale over a thrifted dress
Belt - Retail on sale
Converse - Retail  - My latest obsession in shoes!
Have fun, enjoy summer!
I will be back soon!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Rising my level of Serotonin (Part 2)

My level of serotonin is getting so high that I had the irresistible urge to cut trees!
 Kidding of course
I would ruin my dress!
 But isn't the perfect setting to show you all that I'm ready for serious action!
But you know what?
I will start with Patti's Visible Monday
That is serious fabulous action, I kid you not!
Yes I'm back and so happy to be part of the gorgeous gang of super fabulous Ladies
You all know I'm getting married in 6 weeks, right?
Here are the invits we sent
We asked Mr. D's grand- daughter L to do a drawing for us
We had them print
There's text on the other side - Grand- son wrote it

I'm wearing for Patti's Visible Monday

Polyester 70s dress - E-Bay
Belt- Thrifted at Renaissance
Red Converse - Retail

See you soon!


Monday, July 7, 2014

Rising my level of Serotonin (Part 1)

I have been away for it seems such a long time!
Could not comment much, zero energy and flat very flat...thank you for all your support and not forgetting the crazy French girl from Quebec!

Funny title right?

Well here's why -
The past weeks I have been to a neuropsychologist and to a neuro specialist at the trauma center at the Montreal General Hospital in regards with my post concussion symptoms -
Both made me fill out a post concussion symptoms scale plus I mention to both of them that I had severe neck tension causing migraines-
Most likely remnants of my nasty fall or some anxiety caused when I lost my job anyway, go figure!

I got the same results both at the psychologist and neuro specialist as far as the scale-

2 specialists - 2 different approach-

The neuropsychologist suggested weekly visits to talk about my situation and assess weekly the state of my symptoms and with time and counselling I would get better- 

The neuro specialist said - If Santa Claus said, as a gift to you I will eradicate one of your post concussion symptom, which one of the symptoms would you choose to eradicate?
At first I didn't know what to say and when I suggested something he said non,non, think again!
I mentioned to him that I didn't sleep well at all!
Well, he said that's the best gift he could give you - To sleep better
If you sleep better you will feel better and your post concussion symptoms will eventually vanish
He prescribed Amitriptyline to improve my sleep and to rise my level of serotonin, because apparently your serotonin level goes down when you have had a concussion, this is why I felt so darn flat these past weeks -
I kid you not that's the most sensible thing I had heard in weeks! -
 Plus he told me to exercise, which I do btw, and he said think about going back to work -
He concluded by saying - I will see you in a month and I  guarantee your life will change if you follow my recommendations -
Well guys, I think I will take a bit of both
I don't think I'm ready for work right this minute, I will eventually go back
I feel a bit flat still but getting better, I will wait until the med kicks in a bit more

Plus talking to a psychologist about the whole ordeal I went through might a good idea too!
I think I know what I need -
I have been talking the med and I already feel a change, my serotonin is rising every day!

This the week I'm officially coming back in the blogger sphere- Aren't you happy?
What better way to underlined my return than to join Sacramento's Share in Style- Denim

Denim top - Thrifted at Renaissance
Belt - Salvation Army
Harem pants - E-Bay
Converse - Retail

I will see you soon, very soon!


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Concussion Red

Hi Ladies!
Making a short appearance again- I still can't spend a lot of time on line but today my efforts  are for my friend Sacramento's Share in Style!
Got a special guest with me today - My Mom!
Keep smiling!
My Mom was wearing -
Top - Thrifted at Renaissance
Jeans - Retail on sale
Boots - Retail on sale
Ariane is wearing -
Dress - E-Bay
Jacket- Thrifted at Renaissance
Fish net - Retail
Trainers - Retail  - Discount store
Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My Concussion and Myself - Making a Short Appearance and Vote for Vix!

 Hi Ladies!
I have been absent from the blogger sphere for a while-
 Some of you Ladies know - On March 22 I had a nasty fall and concussion-
Slowly getting better, but it's quite a challenge-
I can't do very much still- My energy is low - I have my good and bad days-
My doctor told me to challenge myself a bit, but not too much-
So today I decided to make an appearance for you girls -
Mr. D and I were at a charity event for the organization he works for when it happened -
I can't recall much- D told me I recognized him after he found me, he was looking for me for a while!
I will definitively marry this man, if my brain can recognize him after a nasty brain shook up, well, hell! it's darn good sign! 
 After the fall I didn't know where I was or what I was doing there - D told I didn't recognize my coat or boots- I was delirious in the car, saying all kinds of nonsense, I didn't believe him when he told me I fell- I started to believe him when I felt the big bump on my head  - I came back to normal after 20 minutes
 a1 Thank you to my blogger friends, they sent me some wonderful token of blogger's love!

  Thank you Kelly of Grunge Queen for your wonderful gift ,this is how I wore the scarf last week-
Thanks Val of Muse Fondue
for your wonderful necklace
a1 Hopefully I will get back to normal soon, but I still have a little convalescing to do before I blog and comment regularly-
But since I decided to make an appearance today please take a few minutes and vote for VIX for Best Vintage Personality Award!


Keep smiling love you all!


Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Don't Fear the Frump!

Hi Ladies!
Not here to blend in or please the crowd-
Or seeking male approval-
Women should dress primarily for their own pleasure and comfort, that should be a trend to be saluted!
For me skinny fitted jeans or the perfect fitted jeans is not a priority or a need -
I don't see the point frankly!
Why spend our money on the perfect jeans when so many vintage treasures awaits us!
 Wearing my boyfriend's jeans-
 They're baggy, don't fit well, too short but somehow when i wear them i feel my confidence is boosted!
Cause, i don't care what people think!
And that makes me even more confident!
 Baggy, androgynous denims are considered masculine in any case-
I say, it's not what you wear, it's how you wear it and what you exude-
  That day i felt happy, carefree confident and feminine - 

I was wearing 

Mr.D's jeans - 
Tee- Thrifted at Rennaissance
Belt - Thrifted at Rennaissance
Jacket - Gift from Mom
Boots - Retail - Gift from Mr. D

Have yourself a great day

I will see you soon